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3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Hot Tub

The joys of owning your own Jacuzzi hot tub in New Jersey can be endless.

From those quick therapeutic treatments for aches and pains to the relaxing afternoons soothing your day away without the crowd of a boardwalk, a hot tub is a great investment for almost anyone, including families.

Still, there is no getting around the fact that these require reasonable maintenance and cleaning. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to clean a hot tub.

Know When to Clean

So how do you know when it’s time to clean your hot tub? It’s an important step to know, almost as important as knowing how to clean your hot tub. Every time we use the hot tub, impurities from our bodies, regardless of how clean we are, become part of the water in the hot tub.

Things like dyes, perfumes, soaps, and deodorants are added to the hot tub and, over time, could cloud the water. Depending on how often you use it or how many people use it, you could find yourself cleaning the water or changing it altogether.

Check the Filter & Drain

The filter is the original and first defense when cleaning your hot tub. It regularly takes all of the deposits and mineral particles from all of the dyes, perfumes, and soaps that our bodies leave in the water, and traps it. In doing so, it keeps your hot tub water cleaner, longer.

Eventually, the filter will need to be cleaned. Once it is filled, it will no longer efficiently keep your hot tub water clean and you will notice either a scent or cloudiness in your hot tub water.

The solution to this is to clean your filter. This is the most cost-efficient way of keeping your water free from debris and fresh. Staying on top of the water filtration system will save time and money in the long run.

Follow instructions on the filter cleaner you purchase with us to ensure you are keeping your filter clean and working properly for as long as possible. As always, you can ask any of our technicians for assistance in properly cleaning your spa filter.

Clean Walls & Change the Water

As mentioned above, keeping your water filter fresh and clean will help reduce the amount of times you will need to change the water. Changing your water out can be costly and time consuming. Staying on top of the basic daily maintenance is the best way to keep your hot tub clean.

Having said that, you have to change your water eventually. Once you do have an empty hot tub, you can use cleaning products from Jacuzzi to gently wipe down seats and debris from the surrounding area. Follow instructions on the packaging, you can ensure that all surface areas are clean before you refill the hot tub.

A helpful tip is to flush water through the hot tub a second time before you refill it completely. This way, any cleaning products will be flushed through the piping system and not stuck, risking any damage to pipes.

Here are quick hacks to know when you absolutely must change that water out for your health, safety, and overall best experience of your Master Spa hot tub use:

  • If the water smells, change it.
  • If you see foam that a defoamer product doesn’t immediately clear up, change it.
  • If the person capacity of the hot tub is being met regularly, change it every 33 days or so.

Did we forget your favorite hot tub cleaning methods? Let us know and for more information about jacuzzi spas in New Jersey, contact Sun Pools today!


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