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Above Ground Pool Openings


When it is that time of year to open up your pool, we have a pool opening service team who will help you do just that. Our steps for opening your pool includes:

For both above ground and inground pools, we at Sun Pools will:

  • Remove cover that is free of water and debris. (Removal of leaves and debris from the pool cover and pumping off water from cover will be an additional price.)
  • Fold pool cover and store in a shed or garage.
  • Empty water out of any water tubes you may have.
  • On above ground pools, deflate the air pillow.
  • Unplug all piping, both in the pool and at the filter system area.
  • Re-attach any deck equipment you have, such as ladders, rails, diving boards, etc.
  • Hook up pump, filter and any other additional equipment you might have (booster pumps, spa equipment, waterfall circulation pumps, heaters, etc.)
  • Turn on the power to the pool system, start and check system, and add new DE if you have a DE filter.
  • Shock the pool.

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