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Control is more precise than mechanical systems. It controls temperatures for pool and spa settings and stores diagnostic information for service technicians.

Stainless Steel
Is used liberally through-out the Professional series pool heater.  Raypak spared no expense to ensure that any area that could be compromised by harsh environments would stand the test of time.

Heat Exchanger
With brass headers and cupronickel tubes for maximum protection against the toughest pool applications.  Excellent for salt chlorine generated pools. ASME certified & National Board Registered.

Burner Tray
Constructed entirely of stainless steel. Every detail has been looked at, down to every nut and bolt, and made of stainless steel. This burner tray is built to last.

Natural Gas or Propane

Condensation Defense

Has been a Raypak tradition for over 45 years. We utilize our unitherm governor system along with a spring loaded bypass to maintain the perfect flow through the heat exchanger.

Spark to Pilot

Is the most reliable and safe ignition system in use today. For over 30 years Raypak has enjoyed reliable performance with a gas pilot system. Some things just don’t get any better.

Cupro-Nickel Fin Tube

Is at the heart of the Raypak Professional series heater. The competition doesn’t stand a chance against its fat .065 tubing walls. Raypak also uses integral fin tube, meaning it’s all one piece of material.

Wiring Sheath

Is standard construction on all exposed wiring. This helps prevent rodent damage and other associated issues that can damage the wiring. Not to mention it looks very clean and tight.

Attention to Detail
Was the main goal in designing the Professional heater. Every aspect was evaluated and changed to stainless steel when any question of corrosion was a concern.

Flow Switch and T&P

Are standard equipment on the Raypak Professional. This makes the unit 50 state ASME compliant right out of the box.  Also, having a flow switch eliminates pressure issues from elevated pools.

Robust Burner

Design is Raypak’s specialty.  The Professional series heater can withstand fluctuating and varying gas pressures. The burner is self-adjusting and always yields a perfect flame.

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