261 US-22 Green Brook Township,
NJ 08812 USA



  • High-performance, medium-head variable-speed pump.
  • Self-priming pump. Motor will run for 3 minutes at 2600rpm (programmable). After priming mode is complete, pump will start at the user programmed speed.
  • Robust mechanical shaft seal allows pump to accidentally run dry for up to 1 hour.
  • Easy to program variable-speed controller complete with a built-in “real time” clock. Allows up to 3 program modes; cleaner cycle, low rpm filtration cycle, high speed or off cycle. Less than 5 minutes to program.
  • Programming will stay intact during power outage. Pump will automatically resume operation when power is restored.
  • Built-in freeze protection, runs pump at 2600rpm for 8 hours when ambient drops below 39°F (programmable).
  • View diagnostic fault codes to help with troubleshooting.
  • Controller can be remotely mounted away from pump. Uses RS485 connection.
  • Ability to view motor speed and power in real time.
  • Adjust motor speeds in 25rpm increments.
  • Adjustable screen contrast.
  • Power saver override button, runs on low speed. High speed override button for cleaning and service.

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