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3 Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

The onset of winter is no reason to stop enjoying your hot tub. All of the therapeutic benefits continue to exist and may be even more of a delight as you breathe cold, crisp air while soaking in your tub.

Winter and summer are different, though. For your hot tub and for you. So here are a few tips for safe soaking.

  • Getting in and out. Have a towel and shower shoes at the ready. And a robe, depending on how you must go to get into the house. After a 100-degree dip, that cold air is going to bite. Be careful not to slip on any water that might have escaped the tub or dripped from bodies.
  • Getting in and out, part two. Don’t indulge in this pleasure for too long, no matter how good it feels. We recommend no more than 20 minutes in the tub at a time. Please set your timer.
  • Keep the water clean. Winter is not an ideal time to be draining and refilling your hot tub, so try to keep the water as clean as possible. A quality cover keeps leaves and dirt away – make sure it is secured. When using the tub, ask all who will be partaking to shower before entering. Body lotions and skin creams, which combat winter dryness, can clog filters and make the water cloudy.

Enjoy your winter and your hot tub or Jacuzzi from Sun Pools and Spas. And be safe while doing it!

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