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4 Reasons to Add an Above Ground Pool to your Backyard


Above ground pools are usually cheaper than in ground pools. Some above ground pools are less than $1,000 dollars and typically do not exceed $5,000. Not only are above ground pools less expensive up front, but they are also cheaper in the long run because they are easier to maintain.

Easy to Maintain

Above ground pools do not have underground pipes and drains, and there is less size and water volume to manage so it makes it easier to maintain. It is also easier to winterize an above ground pool than an in ground pool. This is because all you need to do to winterize an above ground pool is shock the water with chemicals and drain half the water. Above ground pools are also much smaller than inground pools which means there is less water to drain in the winter time. Above ground pools are also far less permanent than in ground pools, and can be removed from a property relatively easily and quickly, at little or even no cost.

Pool Features

The activities an above ground pool can be used for may be increased by adding features similar to in ground pools. Pool features can be added to an above ground pool including a slide, deck, water jets, lighting, and heating. Not as many professional pool contractors work with above ground pools as in ground pools which makes it harder for above ground pool owners to manage.

Pool Assembly

Typically the assembly and disassembly of an above ground pool are in the hands of the owner and require specific knowledge and use of tools. Many factors must be considered when looking to install a pool, and it ultimately comes down to space, budget, ability and commitment to manage the work associated with owning a pool.

If you have questions about your New Jersey swimming pool or reasons to why you should add an above ground pool to your backyard, contact Sun Pools today!


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