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Above Ground Pool Closings


Count on an expert maintenance team from Sun Pools to close your pool properly, ensuring it stays in great shape while not in use over the winter. We’re dedicated to providing you with any pool maintenance services you need!

For inground pool closing services, Sun Pools will:

  • Drain your pump and filter. Remove any drain plugs from the pump.
  • If there is a heater, drain it and blow it out.
  • Remove all return jet fittings. Remove all skimmer baskets.
  • Blow out all lines from the filter system back to the pool and plug return fittings.
  • Remove diving board and ladders.
  • Add winterizing chemicals to the pool water and antifreeze into the pool lines.
  • Place the cover on the pool and secure with water tubes. If there is a safety cover, we’ll attach springs to popups.
  • Install cover pump if supplied.

For above-ground pool closing services, Sun Pools will:

Disconnect and drain your pump and filter.

Install the winter plate onto skimmer. Plug the return fitting.

  • Blow up and install air pillow.
  • Remove ladder from pool.
  • Add winterizing chemicals to pool water.
  • Place cover on pool and secure.

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