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5 Tips to Make Winterizing Your Pool Easy

Owning a pool can be expensive, especially in the winter months when you aren’t using it.

Many people forget to be diligent about maintaining their pool year-round, but with a bit of diligence, you can vastly reduce the severity of damage and the frequency of repairs necessary to keep your pool in good shape.

Read on for tips from the pros at Sun Pools!

Cover your pool early

As soon as pool season ends, put the cover on! There is no benefit to waiting, and the more detritus that winds up in your pool before you cover it the greater chance the filter will get clogged when you aren’t using the pool and stagnate for months, making it much harder to clean next spring. 

Take care of your water

Pool water needs to be carefully controlled to keep it clean. You should test your water every two months even in the offseason to prevent algae and bacteria from growing.

It is also highly recommended to use an enzyme product to avoid inorganic matter buildup and waterline marks. 

Don’t save pool chemicals

Almost all pool treatment chemicals lose most of their potency after a few months, so don’t save your leftover pool chemicals for next year. Try to buy conservatively and use as much up as you can before the end of the season.

Drain your pumps, heater, and filters

If any of these systems are filled with water when the freezing temperatures roll around, it will likely mean expensive repairs.

Luckily, you can call Sun Pools to empty these systems and lower the water level in your pool, protecting your pool against the elements. Spending early for a professional pool closing can save big bucks in the long run.

Set up temperature alerts from your favourite weather app

Using the forecast, you can give yourself a heads up on incoming cold nights, helping you get out ahead of the cold and close your pool before any damage can be caused. Prevention is free, repairs are expensive!

If you follow these tips and still run into issues with your pool, contact Sun Pools and ask about having a team open and close your pool professionally.

Call (732) 752-2010 or contact us online today!

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