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4 Best Pool Design Trends

Backyard pools have evolved over the past few years, where many homeowners are now building pools modeled after those seen at upscale resorts. As people are spending more time at home, the desire to create a backyard oasis has grown.

Here are some of the biggest pool design trends you’ll see this year.

Cocktail pools 

If you have limited space, a cocktail pool may be the best option for you. Cocktail pools are small, compact pools that can fit into small or irregularly shaped backyards. They also tend to be more cost-effective and more eco-friendly than regular-sized pools. 

Integrated spas

Many homeowners are now opting for spas that are integrated into the pool design itself. While the pool and spa appear to be part of one large body of water, they’re actually separated by a dam wall to prevent the pool and spa water from mixing.

Dark interior colors

Pools with dark interiors like gray, navy, or black, create a lagoon-like appearance and can help make pools look deeper than they are. They also tend to absorb and hold heat more effectively, so the pool water will stay at that perfect temperature.

Sun shelves

Sun shelves or tanning ledges, are flat, shallow areas within the pool itself. Many homeowners also use lounge chairs on the sun shelf. This can create the perfect place to soak up the sun while staying refreshed in the cool water.

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