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Pentair Pool Equipment

You might not see many of the Pentair products that keep your pool running. But, that’s the idea. We keep everything working, so you can relax and play with family and friends.



Pool Pumps

The pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. Make sure it’s powerful, efficient and quiet
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Pool Heaters

Take comfort in Pentair’s #1 selling heaters for a warmer, more comfortable pool and a longer season for swimming.

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Pool Filters

High-efficiency filtration systems from Pentair, like Clean & Clear® Plus, deliver sparkling, clear water by removing impurities
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Pool Cleaners

Our automatic pool cleaners are designed and built to give you the best combination of cleaning, simplicity, convenience and long-term reliability.

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Pool & Spa Automation

You’re in control of your pool or spa, even when you’re not there. Pentair’s EasyTouch® Automation Systems offer innovative technology to operate your pool

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