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7 Best Swim Spa Supplies to Maximize Your Aquatic Workout

When it comes to a truly unique swimming experience, swim spas are the go-to standard.

With the adjustable current and compact design, it’s no wonder they’ve become such a popular addition to backyards across the country.

While swimming may be the first thing that comes to mind, with the right swim spa supplies, your spa can become your own personal gym.

From resistance bands to water weights, the supplies you use can make it easy to shed extra calories and push yourself through an intense (yet joint-friendly) full-body workout every day of the week!

In this article, you’ll find seven of the best swim spa supplies to give your time in the water a boost and help you target every muscle without ever needing to leave the water.

Keep reading to discover your new workout regime!

Can You Get a Good Workout in a Swim Spa?

This is one of the first questions a lot of people ask about swim spas, mainly because the thought of reduced impact is often associated with a less intense (and effective) workout.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Swim spas provide an amazing workout environment that challenges you in a whole new way, bringing your traditional workout to new heights.

The buoyancy of the water protects your joints by reducing the impact they experience during your workout, and the water provides added resistance, making your body work even harder.

Better yet, the movement of the water helps strengthen smaller muscles in your body, like those in your ankles, helping you gain even better stability in your day-to-day life.

7 Best Swim Spa Supplies

While swimming is a phenomenal cardio workout and has even been shown to have impressive health benefits, it’s only one way to work out in a swim spa.

There’s so much more you can do in the water to support your health and fitness, and including some of these swim spa supplies can be the perfect way to kick-start a new aquatic workout routine.

Swim Spa Supplies For Fitness

1. Resistance Bands

Many swim spas come equipped with a connection for resistance bands, making it easy to include some strength-based training during your spa session without requiring weights.

These bands are the perfect way to strengthen your arms and can easily fit every strength level, making them the perfect option for beginners and experts alike.

Swim Spa Supplies - Water Weights

2. Aquatic Dumbbells

Dumbbells, or water weights, can help you achieve a balanced workout that targets every muscle in your body, from your shoulders to your legs.

With various weights, finding the ones that match your current level is easy and gives you plenty of room to grow as you get stronger.

When choosing your weights, something to remember is that they won’t feel the same as traditional ones once they’re in the water.

While the buoyancy of the water will give you some added support, you’ll also be fighting the resistance of the water, making them harder to lift.

Swim Spa Supplies - Pool Noodle

3. Pool Noodles

You may be wondering how a pool noodle could be considered a tool for aquatic fitness, but they’re more helpful than you may think.

If you want to include abdominal workouts in your routine, pool noodles can act as a great support for your body as you focus on engaging your core.

Whether you’re using it to support your back as you crunch your legs towards your chest or you hold it out in front of you and bring your toes to your hands, pool noodles are the perfect tool!

Swim Spa Supplies - Swim Tether

4. Swim Tethers

If you want to make your swim even more challenging without turning up the jet, adding a tether to battle against is the next best thing!

This makes it possible to swim in place both with and without the jets and can give you some added resistance when combining the two.

Swim Spa Supplies - Kick Board

5. Kickboards

This is another great tool when adding abdominal exercises into your routine.

Between its shape and buoyancy, keeping your upper body afloat while focusing on strengthening your core is simple.

Better yet, this swim spa supply can be used for more than just your core.

Kickboards provide a wide surface that creates a challenging amount of resistance as you push it against the water.

This makes them a powerful fitness tool to strengthen your upper body.

Some ways you can do this is by pushing it against the water to pass it from one hand to another or by moving it up and down under the water with outstretched arms.

Swim Spa Supplies - Ankle Weights

6. Ankle Weights

If you want to focus on your legs or even make your next swim more challenging, adding some ankle weights is the perfect option.

With various weights, you’ll be able to find one that suits the activity you plan on doing. Keep in mind that you should choose lighter ones for swimming than you would for stationary lower-body exercises.

Ankle weights are a versatile option and can help strengthen many different muscle groups, from your calves, legs, and even your core.

Swim Spa Supplies - Speaker

7. Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re someone who loves a good workout playlist, adding a speaker to your swim spa is a perfect idea!

If you’re in the process of selecting your swim spa, many include an optional stereo feature you can add on, much like the optional BlueTune™️ Audio feature on the FX15.

If you’ve already purchased your swim spa, however, there are plenty of waterproof speakers you can invest in to turn up the tempo on your next swim spa workout.

Swim Spa Supplies Enhance Your Workout

Adding the right swim spa supplies to support your workout regime can help make reaching your health and fitness goals easier than ever.

From resistance bands and kickboards to dumbbells and ankle weights, there are ample ways to strengthen your body and expand your aquatic fitness far beyond swimming.

Swim Spa Supplies in Green Brook, NJ

If you’re looking for the perfect way to enhance your backyard for year-round fun, there’s no better solution than a new swim spa.

Whether you enjoy a quiet night of relaxation as your aching muscles are treated to a deep tissue massage or want to enhance your current fitness regime, a swim spa from Sun Pools can help.

With various models to choose from, finding the one that fits your needs and budget is simple, and our team of experts can help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Contact us, or visit our Green Brook showroom today to get started.

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