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Doughboy Entry Systems

Doughboy Entry Systems


Doughboy specially designed in-step may be installed on a fully recessed pool or above ground pool with our Embassy deck.

  • Available in Copper Canyon, Palm Shore, Desert Spring, Bandera, or Saratoga.
  • Steps may be installed on a fully buried pool or above-ground with our Embassy deck.
  • Available in round sizes: 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′, and 32′.
  • Available in oval sizes: 24’x16′, 28’x16′, 32’x16′, 40’x16′, 34’x18′, 38’x18′, and 41’x21′.
  • Step must be installed in radius end of oval pool.
  • 52″/54″ wall height only.
  • Increased swimming area for more usable space.
  • Automatic vacs work exceptional with new streamline design.
  • Easier installation process.
  • Available only in a Pool Kit. Steps are sold with a complete pool, as pool includes a special interface between the steps and pool for a seamless fit. We do not recommend any retrofitting steps into existing installations. If done, pool & step warranty will no longer be valid.
  • Steps are delivered pre-assembled.

Warranty on In-Step Entry:

  • 25 year on manufacturing defects.
  • Pool is covered with its standard warranty.


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